Zelda Crush Saga is a game made by Supermario3459, the name is chosen like this because he is a Zelda fan and Candy Crush Saga fan.

Main objective

Like all games that is inspired from Candy Crush saga, Zelda Crush Saga has levels and... that's all. the main objective is to complete the levels.

Lives system

Lives system is numerical, they are representated like this : 

(Link's head) x Number of lives

The maximum number of lives are 3 at the start, but each time you complete a boss level for the first time, the boss will drop an heart container, increasing the lives counter maximum by 1.

You can get more lives by playing, no wait time needed for that. Sometimes a heart-shaped candy will fall down, acting like a regular candy, it's an extra life, match it and you will get an extra life if you are below your current limit. Please note that the heart container that the boss gives you refills you ALL your lives. But only once!

If you have zero lives then lose another one then it's Game Over, and you must wait 24 hours before replaying


The Storyline is inspired from zelda, but the levels are exactly the same gameplay than on Candy Crush, there Is currently 30 levels and four episodes

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