World Six
Episodes Texas Trail to Licorice Lodge
Easiest episode(s) Meringue Madness
Hardest episode(s) Crazy Countryside
Levels Level 441 to Level 530
Previous Current Next
World 5 (CCR) World 6 (CCR) World 7 (CCR)

World Six (CCR) is the sixth world in Candy Crush Saga: Candies Revenge. It contains episodes 31-36 and has 90 levels. Its starting level is Level 441 and ends at Level 530. It is succeeded by World 7 and preceded by World 5.

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Hybrid Candy Order Icon Blocker levels icon 2 Pipeline Level Icon Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha)
None 37 34 2 17 None None None
The easiest :
Level 471, Level 484 or Level 497
The hardest :
Level 530


Episode number Episode name Levels Level Types
31 Texas Trail 441-455 6 Jelly Icon
6 Ingredients Icon
2 Candy Order Icon
1 Hybrid
32 Crazy Countryside 456-470 9 Jelly Icon
5 Ingredients Icon
1 Candy Order Icon
33 Chaos Chateau 471-485 8 Jelly Icon
4 Ingredients Icon
3 Candy Order Icon
34 Meringue Madness 486-500 7 Ingredients Icon
5 Jelly Icon
3 Candy Order Icon
35 Arctic Arena 501-515 8 Ingredients Icon
5 Jelly Icon
2 Candy Order Icon
36 Licorice Lodge 516-530 6 Candy Order Icon
4 Jelly Icon
4 Ingredients Icon
1 Hybrid


  • This is the second world to have more jelly levels than ingredients levels. The first one being World 1.

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