Wacky Walnuts is the first episode in CCS2.


Before Episode: An kid is trapped in a walnut. Tiffi says Dont worry! Ill get you out

After Episode: Tiffi grabs a Nut Cracker and cracks the walnut open. The kid then thanks Tiffi and goes about his day


This is a quite easy episode. Only 2 levels can be considered hard.

Hardest Level: 13

Easiest Level: 7

New Things

Moves, jelly, ingredients, and timed levels are introduced

Level 1 - Moves Easy
Level 2 - Jelly Consideribly Easy
Level 3 - Jelly Consideribly Easy
Level 4 - Jelly Easy
Level 5 - Ingridients Medium
Level 6 - Moves Consideribly Easy
Level 7 - Timed Very Easy
Level 8 - Jelly Easy
Level 9 - Jelly Medium
Level 10 - Jelly Consideribly Hard
Level 11 - Ingridients Easy
Level 12 - Jelly Medium
Level 13 - Ingredients Consideribly Hard
Level 14 - Jelly Medium
Level 15 - Timed Easy

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