Episode 17 - Vine Verandah

Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga Episode 17

Vine Verandah is the seventeenth episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga


Before Episode

Tiffi meets a lion that tells to Tiffi that the Bubblegum Troll stealing grapes from the trees.

After Episode

Tiffi scares the Bubblegum Troll with a mask and the Bubblegum Troll escapes. The lion happy and he says to Tiffi: "Thank you for your wonderful work! You made my day!".

New Things

  • N/A


Easiest Level: Level 331

Hardest Level: Level 333

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 321 Candy Order  Medium
Level 322 Ingredients Easy
Level 323 Blockers Hard
Level 324 Candy Order Hard
Level 325 Jelly Considerably Hard
Level 326 Jelly Considerably Easy
Level 327 Jelly Medium
Level 328 Ingredients Easy
Level 329 Jelly Hard
Level 330 Candy Order Considerably Easy
Level 331 Candy Order Easy
Level 332 Blockers Considerably Hard
Level 333 Jelly Insanely Hard
Level 334 Ingredients Medium
Level 335 Timed Considerably Hard
Level 336 Candy Order Considerably Easy
Level 337 Moves Considerably Hard
Level 338 Jelly Easy
Level 339 Ingredients Hard
Level 340 Jelly Very Hard

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