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Vanilla Village is the first episode in CCS: Candypocolypse.

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It contains levels 1-10. New things: Moves levels and Jelly levels. Level 1: score 1500 points in 25 moves. Level 2: clear 24 single jelly squares in 30 moves. Level 3: 2080 points in 28 moves and you get lollipop hammer. Level 4: 35 jelly in 40 moves. Level 5: 24000 points in 32 moves. color bomb and striped are on screen. Level 6: 53 jelly in 47 moves. Level 7: 21 jelly in 12 moves. not so much of a lucky level. Level 8: 5000 points in 35 moves. color bomb on screen. Level 9: 9010 points in 55 moves. striped and wrapped booster unlocked and on screen. Level 10: 45 jelly in 45 moves. hard to reach jelly in corners.

Vanilla Village

This is vanilla village

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