Episode 38 - Tart Tower

Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga Episode 38

Tart Tower is the thirty eighth episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga.


Before Episode

Tiffi hears someone that stuck in the elevator. The person who stuck screams for help.

After Episode

Tiffi opens the doors with a cane. The person gets out from the elevator and says to Tiffi: "You saved my life! You are a great person!".

New Things

  • N/A


The second episode without a Moves level.

Easiest Level: Level 748

Hardest Level: Level 747

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 741 Candy Order Medium
Level 742 Ingredients Considerably Hard
Level 743 Timed Hard
Level 744 Candy Order Considerably Easy
Level 745 Jelly Considerably Hard
Level 746 Blockers Hard
Level 747 Jelly Insanely Hard
Level 748 Ingredients Easy
Level 749 Reverse Order Hard
Level 750 Jelly Very Hard
Level 751 Ingredients Easy
Level 752 Candy Order Considerably Hard
Level 753 Jelly Considerably Easy
Level 754 Blockers Insanely Hard
Level 755 Blockers Considerably Easy
Level 756 Ingredients Medium
Level 757 Reverse Order Very Hard
Level 758 Candy Order Considerably Easy
Level 759 Timed Easy
Level 760 Jelly Hard

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