Strawberry Chocolate new

Strawberry Chocolate in CC811

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Strawberry Chocolate is a blocker in some Candy Crush fanons. They are not appeared in original Candy Crush, so properties of them will be varied by different fanons.


Strawberry Chocolate spread like brown chocolate, can be broken by breaking the candies adjacent to it, or through any special candies effects reaching the blocker, but the difference is that if a special candy affects a candy adjacent to Strawberry Chocolate new, the chocolate won't break, unlike normal chocolate. It's like a regular icing that can spread. In CC811, They are introduced at Level 141, in the 11th episode, Strawberry Slopes (CC811).



Strawberry Chocolate comes in three forms: one-layer, two-layer and three-layer. The one-layer blocker has four small pieces of strawberry chocolate with light diagonal lines going across it. The two-layer blocker has one piece of strawberry chocolate with light diagonal lines going across it. The three-layer blocker has another piece of chocolate on top which doesn't fully cover the bottom layer. This top layer has the letter C imprinted on it.

Strawberry Chocolate is similar to white chocolate, but differs at the same time. Strawberry Chocolate can spread like white chocolate and add another layer to an existing one-layered piece, but it can also add another layer to an existing two-layer piece. As a result, this blocker is quite hard to deal with.


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