Sandy Sundae
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Sandy Sundae is the 4th episode in Candy Crush Emma The Champion title for this episode is: Duration Desert


Before Episode: Tiffi Is very hot. She does not know what to do. So she sits for a while.

After Episode: A mummy just happened to pass by, he fixed up a sundae for tiffi, and they became good friends


Hardest Level: 42

Easiest Level: 50

This episode has about the same difficulty as the previous episode, Key Lime Park, but it can be considered a bit harder. 

This episode contains both travelators and teleporters. 

This is one of the few episodes without a timed level

This level features level 42, an insanely hard jelly level.

Level Number Level Type Level Objectives  Difficulty
36 Jelly 32 double jellies in 40 moves Medium
37 Ingridients 3 ingridients in 20 moves Hard
38 Ingridients 10 ingridients in 50 moves Hard
39 Jelly 10 single jellies in 30 moves Considerably Easy
40 Ingridients 3 ingridietns in 35 moves Easy
41 Moves 30,000 points in 25 moves Hard
42 Jelly 72 double jellies in 40 moves Insanely Hard
43 Ingridients 7 ingridients in 10 moves Easy
44 Jelly 18 double jellies in 20 moves Considerably Easy
45 Jelly 19 double jellies in 25 moves Hard
46 Jelly 81 single jellies in 30 moves Considerably Hard
47 Moves 10,000 points in 20 moves Easy
48 Jelly 20 single jellies and 20 double jellies in 40 moves Medium
49 Jelly 39 double jellies in 30 moves Hard
50 Moves 15,000 points in 20 moves Medium

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