Episode 41 - Salty Savanna

Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga Episode 41

Salty Savanna is the forty first episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga and the first episode in World 9.


Before Episode

Tiffi finds a thirsty zebra. The zebra tells to Tiffi that the water in the lake at the savanna are very salty and he needs some fresh water immediately.

After Episode

Tiffi puts some candies in the water and then the water is not salty anymore. The zebra drinks from the water and then he says to Tiffi: "Thank You! Now I can drink water. Do you want a ride on me and then I will tour you the savanna?". Tiffi says: "No thanks".

New Things

  • Candy X(Looks like a Lucky Candy but with an X on it, When this candy crushed, a tile removed. This candy can fall only up to 10 times in a level. Not every level contains that candy).
  • Liquorice Branches booster(Can be only used on levels with Candy X. When this booster used, moving liquorice branches bring back the removed tiles).


Easiest Level: Level 806

Hardest Level: Level 820

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 801 Jelly Medium
Level 802 Jelly Considerably Hard
Level 803 Candy Order Hard
Level 804 Ingredients Medium
Level 805 Jelly Very Hard
Level 806 Blockers Easy
Level 807 Jelly Considerably Easy
Level 808 Reverse Order Hard
Level 809 Ingredients Considerably Hard
Level 810 Candy Order Considerably Easy
Level 811 Blockers Very Hard
Level 812 Timed Considerably Hard
Level 813 Jelly Medium
Level 814 Candy Order Easy
Level 815 Ingredients Hard
Level 816 Blockers Considerably Hard
Level 817 Jelly Hard
Level 818 Ingredients Very Hard
Level 819 Reverse Order Hard
Level 820 Candy Order Insanely Hard

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