Template:CCFInfoboxRing Pop Rodeo is the 24th episode of CCF. This is the last episode in World 4: Savory Site. The champion title for this is Rodeo Revenger.


Before episode:

  • Ms. Horsy can't get out of her stable, since the fence gate was locked. She wants now to have her rodeo with another horse.

After episode:

  • Tiffi saw a horseshoe mark at the gate. So, Tiffi told Ms. Horsy to borrow her horseshoe, fitting it to its gate mark. It finally opened. She gave her lollipop to Tiffi as a reward.

New Things

Triple Jelly introduced. It takes 3 times to destroy a triple jelly, hence the name itself.


  • Easiest level:
  • Hardest level:

Ring Pop Rodeo contains levels 336-350.

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