Episode 42 - Pudding Pyramid

Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga Episode 42

Pudding Pyramid is the forty second episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga.


Before Episode

Tiffi meets a mummy that is afraid from something. Tiffi saks the mummy: " From what are you afraid?". The mummy says to Tiffi: "I'm afraid that The Gummy Pharaoh will destroy my pyramid". Tiffi says to the mummy: "I will try to protect your pyramid as far i can".

After Episode

The mummy screams because The Gummy Pharaoh is comming. Tiffi finds out the The Gummy Pharaoh is the Bubblegum Troll in a Pharaoh costume. Tiffi says to the Bubblegum Troll that he will never try to destroy mummy's pyramid. The Bubblegum Troll says to Tiffi: "I will be back!" and then escapes. The mummy is happy.

New Things

  • N/A


Easiest Level: Level 838

Hardest Level: Level 825

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 821 Ingredients Hard
Level 822 Blockers Considerably Easy
Level 823 Reverse Order Considerably Hard
Level 824 Candy Order Very Hard
Level 825 Ingredients Insanely Hard
Level 826 Jelly Considerably Easy
Level 827 Jelly Hard
Level 828 Blockers Medium
Level 829 Timed Considerably Easy
Level 830 Jelly Very Hard
Level 831 Candy Order Medium
Level 832 Candy Order Hard
Level 833 Blockers Medium
Level 834 Ingredients Considerably Easy
Level 835 Candy Order Considerably Hard
Level 836 Timed Very Hard
Level 837 Reverse Order Very Hard
Level 838 Jelly Easy
Level 839 Ingredients Hard
Level 840 Jelly Considerably Hard

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