Episode Number 6
World 1
Levels 66-80
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Brownie Bakery Caramel Corridors

Popcorn Plaza is the 6th episode of Candy Crush Flock and is the sixth and final episode in World 1. The champion title for this is Popcorn Planter.


Before episode:

  • A picnic was all about popcorn, so Mr. Popcorn needs to make popcorns for real, but he doesn't have any popcorn seeds.

After episode:

  • Tiffi planted a lot of corn seeds. She buried them into the soil, watering them. After a few seconds, they grow healthy and become corns.

New Things

Teleporter introduced


Popcorn Picnic contains levels 66-80.
  • Easiest level:
  • Hardest level:

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