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Peppermint Stick is a blocker in Various Fanons

It is a blocker which can take up two to nine squares in a straight line (horizontally and vertically) and can be destroyed by lighting up all stripes on it (by matching candies next to it or by hitting it with special candies). When all stripes on the peppermint stick is lit up, it will explode, create the equivalent of a striped candy + striped candy combo for every square it occupied.

Super Saga

It is introduced in Super Saga in level 883 which is also a tutorial one-colored level for how the element works.

It is seen under jelly squares for first time in level 892.
It is seen under bubblegum for first time in level 909.
It will be seen under jam squares for first time in level 936.


In CC071, it is introduced in Level 1346.


This will be introduced in episode 58.


In C437CCS, it will be introduced in Level 1031.


  • The Peppermint Stick has two stripes for every square it occupies, i.e. a peppermint stick which occupies three spaces will have 6 stripes and will therefore need to be hit 6 times. When it explodes it will release a shock wave to all sides of it, including the top and bottom. You can see it as multiple Striped Candies in one explosion.
  • Color bomb + coloring candy combo can light up all stripes on the peppermint stick at once.
  • The Peppermint Stick blocks the effect of striped candies, much like licorice swirls.
  • In Super Saga, it can only occupy 3 spaces horizontally or vertically.
  • In CC071, it can occupy from 2 squares (such as in Levels 1351 and 1359) to up to 9 squares (like in Levels 1347 and 1354).


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