There are many new things in LDWUL's Candy Crush Saga that cannot be found in the original Candy Crush Saga game. These new things serve as a distinct feature of LDWUL's CCS compared to the original game.

Below are the new things in LDWUL's CCS:

New Level Types

Jelly Order Levels

These levels are like the usual candy order levels, with a slight twist: Jellies are included too. Therefore, this is a combination of candy order levels and jelly levlels. To pass these type of levels, players have to fulfill the orders needed in the game as well as clearing all the jellies from the board.

Unstable Candy Levels

These levels are somewhat similar to the moves levels, but with a twist: Some candies are unstable. Unstable candies are candies which players cannot make a match the same type of candy for 5 times. If the player does it, the unstable candy will explode and the player fails the level.

This level type is quite similar to Candy Bombs, except that unstable candies can be changed each move.

Timed Moves Levels

These levels are moves levels with a time limit attached to it. So, the player has to get the specific points in a number of moves in a given amount of time.

Jelly Ingredient Levels

Ingredient levels with jellies included. Just a slight twist than the usual ingredient levels.

New Elements

Double Chocolate

If you think that chocolate is bad enough, think again. This time, the chocolates need 2 matches in order to be broken.

Triple Jelly and Six-layer Meringue

These two elements have a layer coated of them. Nothing special

Doubled Candy

Candy that only functions when special candies are around. Special candies can swapped with it and the effect produced will be the same as when two similar candies are mixed.

Ice Cream

These ice-creams are something like jelly fish. It can be matched with any candy. When matched, it turns all blockers into ice-creams for 5 moves. Clearing one ice-cream is equivalent to clearing 2 blockers at once. 

Jelly Spawner

A machine that spawns out jelly onto a random tile. This jelly must be cleared, no matter which level type in order to pass the level.


Sticky marshmallow sticks a specific candy to the same square for 1 move.

Double Chocolate Spawner

A spawner that creates double chocolate. Not a great idea.

Double Cake Bomb

This Cake Bomb is doubled, meaning you need more moves to clear this blocker.

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