SadKimmy Discontinued Content

This page includes content that was originally to the game but soon removed. However, you can still consider them if you have an elder version

Negative Point System was one of the features that Lock includes. It was in all levels and in every level starts at level 1 (And later levels from 100 and beyond at level 4). Candy Crush Super Saga also has this and every level starts with +3 points

Boosters for it

Level UP

  • Stars at Level +5 at earlier levels or +9 at later levels
  • Unlocks at level 16

Level DOWN

  • Starts at level +0
  • Unlocks at level 102

List of tables

In Green level In Red level Points given
-7 -11 Loses level automatically
-6 -10 X-10 multiplier for points
-5 -9 X-9 multiplier for points
-4 -8 X-8 multiplier for points
-3 -7 X-7 multiplier for points
-2 -6 X-6 multiplier for points
-1 -5 X-5 multiplier for points
+0 -4 X-4 multiplier for points (Maroon)
None (Green)
+1 -3 X-3 multiplier for points (Maroon)
X+1 multiplier for points (Green)
+2 -2 X-2 multiplier for points (Maroon)
X+2 multiplier for points (Green)
+3 -1 X-1 multiplier for points (Maroon)
X+3 multiplier for points (Green)
+4 +0 X+4 multiplier for points
+5 +1 X+5 multiplier for points
+6 +2 X+6 multiplier for points
+7 +3 X+7 multiplier for points
+8 +4 X+8 multiplier for points
+9 +5 X+9 multiplier for points
+10 +6 X+10 multiplier for points
+11 +7 X+11 multiplier for points
+12 +8 X+12 multiplier for points
+13 +9 X+13 multiplier for points
+14 +10 X+10 multiplier for points
+15 +11 Completes level automatically

Bass Candy

This kind of candy only appears in negative zone. To activate it, let the Toffeelate eat it or remove it with a special candy. If it hits in orange, it gives you +8 level points (If you get in +2 level points, then you'll be in +6 level points when the level switches to positive zone and reverts the objective back to the original ones and gets updated according to your work in negative zone.

Small version of it will work like the big but if you hit it in orange, it gives +4 level points instead of +8. Every 10 to 15 moves spent in negative zone, one bass small candy is dispensed.

Negative Zone

Objective changes to 1K candies to crush (Number can differ according to your work in positive zone). When you reach -1 level points in green zone, you'll get in red zone with -5 level points. Passing the candies objective during the red zone (May be immediate pass if you had already crushed 1K candies from positive zone) will cause you to lose a live and lose the level. When you get escaped from red zone with +0 points, you'll get +4 level points along with entering positive zone and will cause you to pass it if you have done the positive zone's objective from the negative zone. For multi-board levels, it slides to the next board instead if you're not in the last board.

Not doing a match in the last 10 secs unless the game is paused, you'll lose 1 level point.

A successful match does not cost a move during negative zone.

The Background changes to negative version of it in Candy Crush Super Saga.

Each level point you lose crushes 5(10 in SimpleCrash Version) candies automatically in every zone you did it. Entering Negative Zone will crush automatically 20 candies.


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