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Moves Levels, also known as Moves & Score Levels or Target Score Levels, are one of the level types in Fanons in Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki.


In Candy Crush Saga: Candies Revenge, Moves levels are quite rare, with 45 levels currently, making up a mere 4.81% of all levels. The only moves levels are 1, 8, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30, 49, 126, 172, 207, 209, 210, 256, 257, 315, 623, 630, 633, 634, 637, 764, 767, 768, 771, 815, 830, 845, 860, 871, 881, 890, 899, 902, 908, 913, 924, 931, and 935. Dreamworld has more moves levels than Reality, and the gap without moves levels is smaller.

Compared to jelly levels and ingredients levels, moves levels are extremely easy. However, since level 764, they can be much harder. Many of later moves levels are hard or higher. The extremely hard moves level is Level 1336 (CCR).


The first Moves level is Level 1.

Moves levels are the rarest type of level. Very few episodes have more than 2 Moves levels. The last Moves level to date is 203.


In CC071, Moves levels are rare, but not as rare as in the original game. A lot of episodes don't have any at all, but when there is, episodes tend to have only 1, and rarely more than that. The first Moves level is Level 1.


In CC811, Moves Levels are somewhat common type. Before introducion of chocolates levels in level 111, Moves levels are somewhat common, having usually 2 or 3 per episode. Later episodes tend to have 0-2 moves level per episode. Unlike the original game, there won't be long gaps drought of moves level.

The first Moves level is Level 1.


See also: List of Moves levels (T9CCS)

In T9CCS, moves levels are pretty rare. Early episodes tend to have 1-2 moves levels but later episodes usually have 0-1. The first moves level is level 1. Lollipop Town has 7 moves levels, but all of them are for tutorial. However, there won't be any long gaps between them in this fanon (max 3 episodes).


In this game, the first moves level is Level 1. As of the release of Lollipop Lagoon, there are 9 moves levels (20% of levels), but 8 of them are the first 8 tutorials. This percentage will probably decrease drastically as the game goes on. Most early episodes have one moves level, but some have none. However, there won't be any long gaps like in the original.


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There is usually at least one Moves level in each episode, though some can have as many as four. They are typically among the easier levels in the game, though some Moves levels can be very challenging.

Candy Crush Super Saga

In this game, you start with level 1 and they're extremely rare. Only some episodes have this level type. Some short or long gaps will occur, usually every 1 or 2 world(s)

Candy Crush Sunny Saga

In this game, the first moves level is Level 1. As of the release of Yoghurt Town, there are 8 moves levels (12% of the levels). After the release of Cookie Cottage (first episode), their appearances could be somewhat rare through appearing once or twice every episode.

CHS (Candy Heroes Saga)

Moves levels appear in Candy Heroes Saga. It works just like the other games. The first is level 1. the first 5 are moves levels. They are not that rare but still relatively rare.


To win moves levels, the player has to get a certain number of points with a certain number of moves. When there are no more moves left, Sugar Crush will activate all special candies on the board.

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