Episode 47 - Mocha Museum

Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga

Mocha Museum is the forty seventh episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga and the second episode in the last world.


Before Episode

The Bubblegum Troll drops some pictures. The museum owner is angry. Tiffi comes to the museum owner and saks him: "What happened to the all pictures at the museum?". The museum owner says to Tiffi: "A pink gummy monster dropped and broke all the pictures at my museum! If you know who is the pink monster, then tell me". Tiffi says: "I think it's The Bubblegum Troll". The museum owner says: "You have to catch him".

After Episode

Tiffi puts an picture to entice The Bubblegum Troll. The Bubblegum Troll comes. The museum owner says: "Here is the gummy monster!". Tiffi says to The Bubblegum Troll: "Stop! You will play about what you did fo his museum!". The Bubblegum Troll don't cares and he escapes. The museum owner says to Tiffi: "You have to bust him on where he lives because the police can't help!". Tiffi says: "I will do that".

From this episode until Bubblegum Boss, The stories are continuous.

New Things

  • N/A.


Easiest Level: Level 932

Hardest Level: Level 937

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 921 Jelly Medium
Level 922 Jelly Hard
Level 923 Blockers Considerably Hard
Level 924 Candy Order Hard
Level 925 Ingredients Very Hard
Level 926 Candy Order Very Hard
Level 927 Timed Hard
Level 928 Ingredients Considerably Easy
Level 929 Blockers Considerably Hard
Level 930 Reverse Order Very Hard
Level 931 Jelly Medium
Level 932 Candy Order Easy
Level 933 Jelly Hard
Level 934 Ingredients Hard
Level 935 Blockers Considerably Hard
Level 936 Candy Order Considerably Easy
Level 937 Jelly Insanely Hard
Level 938 Reverse Order Very Hard
Level 939 Ingredients Hard
Level 940 Jelly Insanely Hard

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