Meringue Lakes
Basic Information
Episode Order 9
Levels 81 - 90
World Flavourful Favourites
New Things Two-layer meringue
Three-layer meringue
Level Types
Moves 1
Jelly 4
Ingredients 2
Timed 1
Candy Order 2
Jelly Order -
Jelly Ingredients -
Unstable Candy -
Timed Moves -
Episode Progression
Previous Minted Mountains
Next Peppermint Plaza
Meringue Lakes is the eighth episode of LDWUL's Candy Crush Saga and the fourth episode of Flavourful Favourites. This episode contains levels 81-90. The champion title of this episode is Meringue Master.


Before Episode

Tiffi meets a dragon that is stuck in the meringue lake. The dragon feels sad.

After Episode

Tiffi eats up all the meringue in the lake to free the dragon. The dragon is rejoiced.

New Things

  • Level 81: Two-layer meringues are introduced.
  • Level 87: Three-layer meringues are introduced.


Levels Level Type
81 Jelly
82 Ingredients
83 Moves
84 Jelly
85 Candy Order
86 Jelly
87 Timed
88 Ingredients
89 Candy Order
90 Jelly

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