Marshmallow Mountain is the sixth episode of Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga. It contains Levels 76 - 90 and is the first episode in World 2. It is preceeded by Icing Iceberg and is succeeded by Vanilla Volcano.

Marshmallow Mountain Map

Marshmallow Mountain map


This episode is Part 1 of a two-part story that is continued with Vanilla Volcano.

Before Episode

Tiffi sees Jenny from Candy Crush Jelly Saga, who is sad that her balloon is unable to fly. 

After Episode

Tiffi fixes the balloon and they go to the top of the mountain.


This episode contains Levels 76 - 90.

Marshmallow Mountain is a hard episode. It contains some easy levels, but also two medium levels, Level 80 and Level 82, two considerably hard levels, Level 76 and Level 86, one hard level, Level 87, three very hard levels, Level 77Level 83, and Level 90, and two insanely hard levels, Level 81 and Level 89.  Overall, it is much harder than the previous episode, Icing Iceberg, and is considered to be the hardest episode in World 2.

Moves Icon

Jelly Icon

Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon
2 7 2 2 2
Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
6 6 3

Very Easy Easy Considerably Easy Medium Considerably Hard Hard Very Hard Insanely Hard
1 2 2 2 2 1 3 2

Hexagon icon Challenge Levels (Maroon level is marked as Super Hard Level)
Jelly Icon 77 Jelly Icon 81 Jelly Icon 83 Jelly Icon 89 Ingredients Icon 90

Mean: 4.8

Difficulty: Hard

Easiest Level: Level 79

Hardest Level: Level 89

New Things

This episode introduces four new elements themed around producing other elements.

  • Candy Bomb Dispensers are introduced at Level 76.
  • Chocolate Spawners are introduced at Level 77.
  • Licorice Swirl Dispensers are introduced at Level 78.
  • Ingredient Dispensers are introduced at Level 88.


  • This episode's color is supposed to be white. However, since the background of the map images are always white, the path and banner of the episode are in black.
  • This episode has a pattern where every odd level is a Jelly level.