Episode Number 4
World 1
Levels 36-50
Difficulty Considerably Easy
Previous Next
Custard Clubhouse Brownie Bakery

Lollipop Cabin is the 4th episode of Candy Crush Flock and is is the fourth episode in World 1. The champion title for this is Lollipop Climber.


Before episode:

  • A kitten's lollipop was on top of a roof lodge when a very strong wind flies out the lollipop.

After episode:

  • Tiffi brought a ladder and climbed up to get the lollipop. She went down safely, giving it to the kitten.

New Things

  • Liquorice Locks introduced


Lollipop Lodge contains levels 36-50.
  • Easiest level:
  • Hardest level:

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