LicoriceCane Horizontal

Horizontal Licorice Cane

Licorice canes are blockers in some fanons.


In CCR. It is the third type of blocker involving liquorice; however, this blocker is indestructible. This blocker looks like a black licorice with white dot at the tip, taking up between two spaces of candy. It is introduced in the episode 63 of CCR, Scrumptious Sea, first appearing at level 921.

Super Saga

They appear in Level 1151. There're four kinds of canes.

Notable levels

  • Level 1151 - First level with canes
  • Level 1155 - First level with weak canes
  • Level 1159 - Ingredients into canes. First one to require jelly fishes for rely to pass the level.
  • Level 1160 - First level with red canes


In C437CCS, licorice canes first appear at Level 721. Candies cannot be switched across them, and they are resistant to special candies, however, candies can enter spaces that licorice canes surround. Red licorice canes are first found at Level 736 and they behave the same as regular licorice canes, except that they take three hits to remove.


Licorice canes lie down between spaces of candy in either horizontal or vertical. That means they don't take up any spaces unlike other blockers.


This is called "Metal Wall" before released, and they are metal walls lying between spaces. Note that the matches across them are not allowed.

The licorice canes have several unique properties. They are resistant to special candies and greatly weaken their combinations, especially striped candies and wrapped candies. If a striped candy or wrapped candy hits licorice canes, the candies beyond them are not affected. This can be a serious threat for most levels, especially they cannot be destroyed.

Second, they block the candy flow. That means no candies pass through them. That makes some ingredients levels like level 922 much harder.

Third, you cannot switch two candies across them. For example in the picture in the right. That makes the level much harder since the best matches like making color bombs (in the picture) are not allowed!

However, match across candies (the uppermost arrows) are allowed.

Some fanons also have the weak variant which can be removed with a single match.

Some fanons also have the red ones that needs 3 hits to be removed.

Super Saga also has the blue ones which requires special candies to be removed.


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