Level 8 (LDWUL)
Vital statistics
Prerequisites Passed Level 7 (LDWUL)
Level 8
Location Candy Village
Rewards Proceed to Level 9 (LDWUL)
Blockers None
Number of
Time limit
Passing score 30,000
Requirements 1star (trans): 30,000 pts
Clear jellies (10 single, 2 double)
Difficulty 2
Type Jelly
Quest progression
Previous Next
7 9
Included Candies
Red Yes check.svg
Orange Yes check.svg
Yellow Yes check.svg
Green Yes check.svg
Blue Yes check.svg
Purple Yes check.svg
Level 8 (LDWUL) is the eighth level in LDWUL's Candy Crush Saga and the eighth level in Candy Village. To pass this level, 12 jellies must be cleared and a score of 30,000 is needed in 22 moves or less. If you pass the level, Sugar Crush will be activated, releasing jelly fishes that will eat your candies and will give you extra points.

This level is a tutorial level that teaches you how to clear double jellies.


One-Star: 30,000 points

Two Stars: 32,000 points

All-Stars: 35,000 points

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