Level Redesigns Bonuslevel
Bonus level for Level 75
Trompeta Saga L75 Bonus
Sub-level of Level 75
Time trial 15

Target score 1star (trans): 45,000 pts
Number of candy colors 4
Red2 Yellow2 Cyan2 Orange2

Number of
Starting green jellies 5
Difficulty Very Easy
Gaming progression
Previous Next
75 150


  • You don't have to turn all jelly green here even if it is a jelly color level. You have to score at least 45,000 points and have 1 green jelly present.
    • Each transformation given 220 points but you +60 from each match can make it 280, 340, 400, 460, 520 etc.
  • With four colors, it is sure that cascades will majorly occur on this 9x9 board
    • Each green jelly gives 1,000 points during the sugar crush
  • No time candies spawn so you have to score well in those 15 levels


One-Star Two Stars All-Stars
45.000 60.000 85.000


  • Make as much red jelly green to earn more points to get 3 stars


  • Level pin number in Lindscape mode is too up. Only happens to this level due to a graphical glitch.


  • This kind never exists in Web Version

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