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 Level 61 is the sixty-first level in CCSTR. It is a jelly level where you must clear 12 regular jelly squares and 2 double jelly squares, and aim for at least 35000 pts in 20 moves or less.


  • First of all, the level has a normal shape. 9x7, nothing wrong. But, the  board has 4 holes in each middle row, the final (that means the 5th square after 4th hole) Has a covering of 2-layer meringue in which undereath, the double jellies are. The 12 regular jellies are between the 4 holes and 6 of them covered by single meringue, making hard to clear.


  • 1 star: 35,000 pts
  • 2 stars: 40,000 pts
  • 3 stars: 65,000 pts


  • This level was nerfed, removing licorice swirls, 1 color and double jellies, but adding the types of meringues.