Reality Sodaworld Insanity Past Versions

First Version

Level 39
Episode T9ep4
Level type 071Jelly
Jelly squares Regular Jelly: 15   Double Jelly: 12
Moves 33
Target score 1star (trans): 39,000 pts
Blockers Regular Icing  Marmalade blank
Other features None
Number of
candy colors
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 81
Difficulty Very Easy
Previous Current Next
071Ingredients 071Jelly 071Jelly
Level 38 Level 39 Level 40
This version existed before 13th January 2017.
  • There were no missing tiles.
  • Less spaces had marmalade
  • Some jellies were single instead of double.
  • There were 6 candy colors instead of 5.
  • There were no jellies in rows 3 and 7.
  • The old difficulty was very easy. It was one of the easiest levels in the game due to light blockers and many moves.