Level 197 is the second level in Wafer Wonderland and the 40th Ingredients level. To pass this level, you must bring down 3 cherries and 4 hazelnuts and score at least 85,000 points within 50 moves. 

Level 197
Level 197 C437CCS
Episode Wafer Wonderland (C437CCS)
Level type Ingredients Icon
Ingredients Hazelnut: 4   Cherry: 3
Moves Moves-50
Target score 1star (trans): 85,000 pts
Blockers Locked Candies  2-Layer Icing  3-layered meringue  4-Layer Meringue  5 meringue  20-moves Bomb
Other features None
Number of
candy colors
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Number of spaces 72
Difficulty Considerably Hard
Previous Current Next
Moves Icon Ingredients Icon Jelly Icon
Level 196 Level 197 Level 198


Two Stars
Score 85,000 130,000 175,000
Difficulty Very Easy Easy Considerably Easy


  • Ingredients fall at 40, 30, 20, and 10 moves left, unless an ingredient is brought down.
  • The locked bombs at the sides are hard to remove.
  • Unless the ingredients are moved, they will have to pass through a thick four- or five-layered icing in order to get to the exits.
  • Six colors makes it more difficult to create special candies.


  • Take out the locked candy bombs as soon as possible, and then attack the icing in order to drop the ingredients.

Past Version

  • The locked bombs used to have only 13 moves, and the target scores were higher. 
  • The old difficulty was Very Hard.


Level 197 V1

Two Stars
Score 90,000 155,000 230,000
Difficulty Very Easy Considerably Easy Considerably Hard