Key Lime Park is the third episode in Candy Crush Emma The champion title for this episode is: Park Pro

Key Lime Park

Keylime Park
This episode can be considered much harder then the previous 2 episodes,


Before Episode: A constant Downpour is striking Key Lime Park. Everyone is upset and running away

After Episode: Tiffi arrives at Key Lime Park. And throws some candies in the sky, It then rains gummy candy, and everyone is happy


Hardest Level: 32

Easiest Level: 21

This Episode contains a new element. Limes! They will spawn randomly, and blow up when matched by 3, covering all candies in a 3x3 radius to be covered in lime juice and un useable!

This episode contains one of the hardest timed levels there is. Many people dont make it to 33. This episode starts off rather easy, then gets much harder as it goes on.

Level Number Level Type Level Goals Difficulty
21 Jelly 23 single jellies in 40 moves Very Easy
22 Jelly 4 double jellies in 10 moves Medium
23 Jelly 32 double jellies and 32 single jellies in 50 moves Medium
24 Ingridient Drop 3 ingridients in 20 moves Consideribly Hard
25 Jelly 19 double jellies in 30 moves Consideribly Easy
26 Moves 10,000 points in 30 moves Consideribly Easy
27 Ingridients 2 ingridients in 40 moves Medium
28 Ingridients 9 ingridients in 30 moves Hard
29 Ingridients 13 ingridients in 40 moves Medium
30 Ingridients 4 ingridients in 20 moves Hard
31 Ingridients 5 ingridients in 30 moves Hard
32 Timed 40,000 points in 1:00 Very Hard
33 Ingridients 4 ingridients in 25 moves Consideribly Hard
34 Moves 20,000 poins in 50 moves Hard
35 Ingridients 3 ingridients in 10 moves Hard

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