Juicy Jungle

Juicy Jungle is the 6th episode in Candy Crush Emma. The champion title for this episode is Icing Expert


Before Episode: There is a tornado in juicy jungle! It is destroying everything!

After Episode: The tornado hits. Tiffi arrives after it hits, she then slowly walks away


Easiest Level: 79

Hardest Level: 61

This episode is hard.. 70 is one of the 3 hardest levels in the game

This episode introduces sour bubblegum, it will stick to candies for 5 moves, then desolve them.

Level Name Level Type Level Goals Difficulty
Level 66 Jelly Clear 22 double jellies in 30 moves Easy
Level 67 Jelly Clear 72 double jellies in 20 moves Hard
Level 68 Jelly Clear 23 double jellies in 55 moves Hard
Level 69 Order 100 yellow candies in 35 moves Medium
Level 70 Ingridient 1 hazelnut and 1 cherry in 15 moves Hard
Level 71 Order 99 blue 99 yellow 99 red in 50 moves Very Hard
Level 72 Order 300 yellows in 55 moves Gard
Level 73 Ingridient 8 ingridients in 25 moves Hard
Level 74 Ingridient 18 ingridients in 20 moves Hard
Level 75 Jelly 72 double Jellies in 30 moves Hard
Level 76 Moves 10,000 points in 10 moves Hard
Level 77 Jelly 9 single jellies in 60 moves Considerably Hard
Level 78 Moves 100,000 points in 25 moves Very Hard
Level 79 Ingridient 10 ingridients in 50 moves Easy
Level 80 Timed 200,000 points in 2 minutes Considerably Easy

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