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Mixed Mode Levels, a.k.a. Mixed levels or Hybrid levels) are one of the level types in some Fanons. They are the levels with two or more different objects taken from different level types like jelly-ingredients, ingredients-order, and jelly-order. The icon in CCR is like the three slices of pizza. The left is pink (order), the right is green (ingredients), and the bottom is blue (jelly.) For most fanons, the icon is the same as original CCS by having pink color on the left and blue on the right with white swirls at the center.


Hybrid levels are found as the fourth level type, at level 25. The first hybrid level is Level 25, which has the ingredients + order objectives, despite the first order level is Level 32. (Now level 25 has jelly+ingredients instead because candy order levels introduce later.) They are extremely rare at earlier levels, but much more common since level 772.

List of CCR Hybrid Level Types

Level Combination Goal
Level 25 (formerly Level 799) Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Clear all the jellies and collect all the ingredients
Level 151 (formerly Level 25) Ingredients Icon Candy Order Icon Collect all the ingredients and collect all orders
Level 772 Jelly Icon Candy Order Icon Clear all the jellies and collect all orders
Level 843 Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Candy Order Icon Clear all the jellies, collect all the ingredients and collect all orders
Level 1089 Jelly Icon Blocker levels icon 2 Clear all the jellies and clear all required blockers
Level 1096 Ingredients Icon Blocker levels icon 2 Collect all the ingredients and clear all required blockers
TBA ? Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha) Turn all jellies green and ???

Notable Hybrid Levels

  • Level 25 - First hybrid level. First level with jelly + ingredients combo. However, it was previously ingredients + order combo.
  • Level 151 - First level with ingredients + order combo.
  • Level 522 - Tenth hybrid level.
  • Level 772 - First level with jelly + order combo.
  • Level 799 - First level with jelly + ingredients combo before redesigning of level 25.
  • Level 813 - Twentieth hybrid level.
  • Level 843 - First level with three types of goals.
  • Level 864 - First extremely hard hybrid level.
  • Level 869 - Thirtieth hybrid level.
  • Level 929 - Fortieth hybrid level.
  • Level 995 - Fiftieth hybrid level.
  • Level 1089 - First hybrid level with blocker goal.
  • Level 1106 - Sixtieth hybrid level.
  • Level 1360 - 100th hybrid level

Candy Crush Sunny Saga

They're called Mixed levels in Candy Crush Sunny Saga. Its first appearance is at Level 66. They should be quite common in every episode.

Candy Crush Super Saga

You start with level 201 and they're uncommon. They have plenty combos:

2 Combos

  • Jelly and Ingredients = 201
  • Ingredients and Chocolate = 212
  • Ingredients and Jam = 226
  • Icing and Chocolate = 231
  • Ice and Jelly = 246
  • Cereal and Ingredients = 270

3 combos

  • Order, Chocolate and Icing = 240
  • Jam, Chocolate and Icing = 299
  • Jam, Ingredients and Icing = 320
  • Cereal, Ingredients and Order = 321

4 combos

  • Order, Icing, Cereal and Soda = 401

They're called Plenty levels since there're a many objectives. Max is 2 and more types of mixed will come in latter episode

Candy Crush 811's Saga (CC811)

They are called mixed levels. The first appearance is at Level 788 CC811, with Jelly Icon+Ingredients Icon combination.

Notable levels:

Candy Crush Sugar Saga

In Candy Crush Sugar Saga, mixed mode levels are introduced in level 316, with Jelly Icon+Ingredients Icon combination..

Level Combination Amount
316 Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon 0
338 Jelly Icon Chocolate levels 0
380 Jelly Icon Timed Icon 0
434 Chocolate levels Timed Icon 0
476 Ingredients Icon Chocolate levels 0



Mixed level icon

In CC071, Mixed levels are introduced very late (in Level 1196), but they are very common after that, with almost every episode having at least one. The song played in this level type is the same as in the original game. Unlike the original game, this level type is not restricted to a combination of jelly and ingredients levels, as more combinations exist.


These are the combinations that have appeared in CC071 and the level in which they were introduced:

Combined level types First appearance Episode
071Jelly071Ingredients Level 1196 071Episode81
071Jelly071Order Level 1197
071Jelly071Chocolate Level 1198
071Ingredients071Order Level 1200
071Jelly071Ingredients071Order Level 1201
071Ingredients071Icing Level 1211 071Episode82
071Jelly071Icing Level 1212
071Jelly071Timed Level 1226 071Episode83
071Ingredients071Timed Level 1227
071Timed071Order Level 1229
071Timed071Chocolate Level 1232
071Timed071Jam Level 1235
071Timed071Icing Level 1240
071Ingredients071Chocolate Level 1265 071Episode85
071Order071Chocolate Level 1267
071Order071Jam Level 1272 071Episode86
071Timed071Ice Level 1280
071Ingredients071Jam Level 1289 071Episode87
071Jelly071Jam Level 1294
071Chocolate071Jam Level 1295
071Icing071Jam Level 1299
071Chocolate071Icing Level 1333 071Episode90
071Order071Icing Level 1334
071Icing071Ice Level 1340
071Jelly071Ice Level 1349 071Episode91
071Order071Ice Level 1355
071Ingredients071Order071Jam Level 1375 071Episode92
071Ingredients071Energy Level 1378 071Episode93
071Timed071Energy Level 1381
071Order071Energy Level 1385
071Timed071Juice Level 1418 071Episode95


Mixed levels are introduced at Level 826, and they are very common afterwards. As in other fanons, many different level types can be mixed together instead of just Jelly, Ingredients, and Timed levels. Unusually, however, the first combination introduced is not Jelly + Ingredients.

Notable Mixed Levels:

  • Level 826: First Jelly + Candy Order Mixed level. 

Fan Crush Saga

Mixed levels are introduced at Level 301, after which they are very common. In FCS, 24 combinations of level types appear, which are listed on the fanon's main page.


To win a mixed level, the player must complete all the objectives from every individual level type included in that level.

When all the objectives have been completed, a striped candy is made for every move remaining (except for mixed levels with anti-order objective, in which all the moves must be used, or mixed levels with time instead of moves, in which the level will not end before the time is up), giving 3,000 points for each. Then each of the striped candies activate themselves.

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