Template:CCFInfoboxGumball Observatory is the 19th episode of CCF. This is the first episode in World 4: Savory Site. The champion title for this episode is Gumball Gazer.


Before episode:

  • An explorer boy saw the fadiness view of the gumball stars using a telescope, and he doesn't like it.

After episode:

  • Tiffi wiped out the telescope's lens using a dry cloth to see him clearly the sky.

New Things

Bomb Cannon introduced. It spawns some candy bombs in a dispenser. It can be in any time duration.


  • Easiest level: Level 267
  • Hardest level: Level 269

​Gumball Observatory contains levels 261-275. It has some few medium levels, like 261, 263, 265, 268, 271, and 273; 2 hard levels, 264 and 274; and a very hard level, 269. There is only one easy level, 267. Overall, this is a medium-hard episode.

There are 6 Jelly Levels, 5 Ingredients Levels, 3 Candy order Levels and 1 Timed Level.

Level Type Difficulty
261 Jelly Medium
262 Ingredient Considerably Easy
263 Candy Order Medium
264 Jelly Hard
265 Timed Medium
266 Jelly Considerably Hard
267 Candy Order Very Easy
268 Ingredient Medium
269 Jelly Very Hard
270 Ingredient Considerably Hard
271 Jelly Medium
272 Candy Order Considerably Easy
273 Ingredient Medium
274 Ingredient Hard
275 Jelly Considerably Hard

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