Flying Fudge is the first episode in Candy Crush Emma The champion title for this episode is: Flying Fun

Flying Fudge

This episode has a medium difficulty some levels can prove a bit tricky.


Before Episode: Tiffi sees the baker women again. She is trapped on top of a floating fudge island.

After Episode: Tiffi tosses a rope up to the women, and she slides down. She then thanks tiffi with her life.


Hardest Level: 4

Easiest Level: 1

Level Number Level Type Level Goals Difficulty
1 Ingridients  3 ingridients in 40 moves Easy
2 Ingridients 4 ingridients in 30 moves Consideribly Easy
3 Jelly 30 single jellys and 1 double jelly in 30 moves Consideribly Easy
4 Ingridients 10 ingridients in 30 moves Consideribly Hard
5 Ingridients 5 ingridients in 60 moves Medium
6 Jelly 10 double jellies in 25 moves Medium
7 Ingridients  2 ingridients in 15 moves Consideribly Easy
8 Jelly 55 single jellies in 40 moves Medium
9 Timed 10,000 points in 1 minute Medium
10 Jelly 23 single jellies 10 double jellies in 40 moves Consideribly Hard

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