Ep41 CC811
Episode 41
World World 7
World World 7 (Dreamworld)
Levels 591 - 605
New things Golden Coconut Wheel
Difficulty Easy
Release date Jan 1, 2017
Previous Next
Peppermint Planet Syrupy Sea

If you are looking for CC071 episode of same name, see Firework Fiesta (CC071).

Firework Fiesta is the 41st episode of Candy Crush 811's Saga (CC811) and 5th episode of World CC811. This episode was released on January 1, 2017.


  • Tiffi and your friends celebrates the new year's eve!

New Things

  • Gold coconut wheel (Golden Coconut Wheel) is introcuced in level 593: See Coconut Wheel.
  • Double licorice swirl (WhiteLicorice) is unnofficially introduced in level 597: These are same as Licorice-swirl, but they have two layers. Both layers blocks striped candy effects.


  • A easy and fun episode to celebrates new year 2017! ;) Happy new year!


This episode contains levels 591 - 605

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon Chocolate levels Caramel icon Blocker Icon Mixed Level M72 Reverse Order Logo CCJS Cereal level type
2 5 1 0 4 0 2 1 - - -
Easiest level
Level 604 CC811
Hardest level
Level 599 CC811
Most fun
Level Type Moves Target Score Goal Candy Colors Notes
591 Moves Icon 17 1star (trans): 170.000 pts 1star (trans): 170.000 pts 5
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
592 Jelly Icon 21 1star (trans): 85.000 pts Double Jelly: 32 4
Green Blue Orange Purple
593 Candy Order Icon 34 1star (trans): 17.200 pts Blue: 85   5 meringue: 34
Striped2 (trans): 50
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
594 Candy Order Icon 34 1star (trans): 30.000 pts Color bomb (trans): 17 6
Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Purple
595 Jelly Icon 51 1star (trans): 340.000 pts Double Jelly: 81 4 to 6
(Red Yellow) Green Blue Orange Purple
This level idea was from Mossy Mos, in my contest called "Fixed candy color that do not respawn". But with 9 fewer moves.
596 Caramel icon 45 1star (trans): 85.000 pts Caramel: 2/71 4 to 6
(Red Yellow) Green Blue Orange Purple
This level idea was from Flockky II, in my contest called "Fixed candy color that do not respawn". But i removed 5 moves.
597 Candy Order Icon 40 1star (trans): 75.000 pts Candies: 300   Licorice-swirl: 20
Toffee: 15
4 to 6
(Red Yellow) Green Blue Orange Purple
This level idea was from Cuourtemanche437, in my contest called "Fixed candy color that do not respawn". Also, this level unnoficially introduce double swirls (WhiteLicorice).
598 Candy Order Icon 34 1star (trans): 217.000 pts Orange: 170 2
Green Blue
599 Caramel icon 17 1star (trans): 27.100 pts Caramel: 4/81 6
Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Purple
600 Jelly Icon 12 1star (trans): 80.000 pts Double Jelly: 41 4
Green Blue Orange Purple
601 Jelly Icon 66 1star (trans): 414.000 pts Double Jelly: 65 3
Green Blue Orange
602 Ingredients Icon 25 1star (trans): 10.001 pts Cherry: 1 8
Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Purple Cyan DarkPurple
603 Jelly Icon 30 1star (trans): 170.000 pts Double Jelly: 48 3
Green Blue Orange
604 Moves Icon 25 1star (trans): 2.500.000 pts 1star (trans): 2.500.000 pts 3
Green Blue Orange
This level is a entry in the Flockky II Chilly Christmas Contest.
605 Blocker Icon 30 1star (trans): 217.000 pts 2-Layer Icing  3-layered meringue  4-Layer Meringue  5 meringue  Icing6 3
Green Blue Orange



  • This episode celebrate 2017 in many ways:
    • Level 591's shape of blockers is 2017, also, 17-move bombs falls infinitely, and more, color bombs to create a firework explosion.
    • Level 592: The voids shows number 17. A allusion to year 2017.
    • Level 593: 17-move bombs and 34 (17x2) icings required to order.
    • Level 594: 17 colorbomb order.
    • Level 595: Move limit are the triple of 17.
    • Level 598: Board shaped like number 17, and the order requires 170 orange candies. (17x10.)
    • Level 599: The spaces with candies celebrates 2017.
  • Many levels in this episode have target scores that are divisible by 17.
    • Also, many orders in candy order levels require quantities that are multiple of 17.
  • Two levels celebrates Christmas
    • Level 600 is shaped like a snowflake.
    • Level 604 board shape is a glass cup. One of things that is used to celebrate christmas. Also, 25 moves limit and 12-move candy bombs do a allusion to christmas date/month respectively.
    • Coincidentally, both levels were previously used in level contests.
  • There are 4 very easy and 4 easy levels in this episode. Making this episode super easy.
  • This episode has 5 levels which was used in contest: 595, 596, 597, 600 and 604. All are easy levels.
  • Despite the episode introduces gold coconut wheel, only level 593 had them.

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