Banner 2 CCF Reality
Map 2 CCF Reality
Episode 1
World World 1
Levels 1-10
Character Unknown
New features Ingredients levels
(Hazelnuts and Cherries)
Timed levels
(Extra time candies)
Difficulty Easy
Released Unknown
Quest progression
Previous Next
Candy Street Custard Clubhouse

Filling Factory is the 2nd episode in Candy Crush Flock and is the second episode of World 1. The champion title for this is Machine Mechanic.


Before episode:

  • The machine gone wrong in which the worker is using for making fillings in pastries.

After episode:

  • Tiffi screwed the bolt more tightly using her wrench. The machine greatly worked, and as a reward, a worker gave Tiffi a choco-filled pastry.

New Things

  • Ingredient and Timed-type levels are introduced.


Episode 2 CCF Reality
Filling Factory contains levels 11-20.
  • Easiest level:
  • Hardest level: