SadKimmy Discontinued Content

This page includes content that was originally to the game but soon removed. However, you can still consider them if you have an elder version

Favoritie (On Κορα Κορε)

Favoritie Event for the Web Release (46.9)

Favoritie was one of the events found only in Κορα Κορε. It was made for the release of the Web Version.

It was only found in Κορα Κορε 46.9 and not in 46.10 and it is unknown if it will be added again.

However, their configs were retained until 46.19 for backwards compability

It was also the first one to have the Past Rulers pane



You only have one level to play, which is 666 of CCS and then later ported to this game in 46.10 (Again in 666) and much later on web along with 571-710 (Was 46.14 this time). Passing it won't make this repeatable unless the player uninstalls and installs the app again. It has a 36 hour gameplay and was only available in 27 June 2016



  • This is the last event to use bold eventic font (Elektra)