Ep38 CC811
Episode 7
World World 7
World World 7 (Dreamworld)
Levels 546 - 560
New things M72 Blocker Logo
Difficulty Very Hard
Release date Oct 23, 2016
Previous Next
Raspberry Reef Chocopolis
Delightful Dunes is the 38th episode of Candy Crush 811's Saga (CC811) and 2nd episode of World 7 CC811. This episode was released on Oct 23, 2016.


New Things

Blocker levels (Blocker Icon) are introduced in level 546: In these levels, the player must destroy all destructible blockers present on screen, even blockers that appear from mystery candies.


This episode contains levels 546 - 560

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon Chocolate levels Caramel icon Blocker Icon Mixed Level M72 Reverse Order Logo CCJS Cereal level type
1 2 1 1 2 1 1 6 - - -
Easiest level
Level 550 CC811
Hardest level
Level 549 CC811
Most fun
Level Type Moves Target Score Goal Candy Colors Notes
546 Blocker Icon 45 1star (trans): 39.000 pts Regular Icing  Locked Candies  2-Layer Icing  3-layered meringue7-layered Icing 5
Green Blue Orange Purple DarkPurple
547 Blocker Icon 50 1star (trans): 52.000 pts Regular Icing  2-Layer Icing  3-layered meringue  4-Layer MeringueHardened Ice 5
Green Blue Orange Purple DarkPurple
548 Timed Icon 2:30 1star (trans): 200.000 pts 1star (trans): 200.000 pts 5
Green Blue Orange Purple DarkPurple
549 Jelly Icon 50 1star (trans): 199.000 pts Regular Jelly: 4   Double Jelly: 10    Triple Jelly: 33 4
Green Blue Orange Purple
550 Candy Order Icon 50 1star (trans): 50.000 pts Color bomb (trans): 50   Wrapped2 (trans): 50
Striped2 (trans): 50
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
This level is a entry of Mossy Mos on my contest called: Milestone Level Contest.
551 Blocker Icon 50 1star (trans): 40.000 pts Locked Candies  Double Lock  Chocolate  3-layered meringue  4-Layer Meringue  Whitechocolate1Ice CC811Hardened Ice 5
Green Blue Orange Purple DarkPurple
552 Ingredients Icon 28 1star (trans): 20.000 pts Cherry: 2 4
Green Blue Orange Purple
553 Jelly Icon 50 1star (trans): 208.000 pts Regular Jelly: 68 4
Green Blue Orange DarkPurple
554 Moves Icon 12 1star (trans): 480.000 pts 1star (trans): 480.000 pts 6
Red Green Blue Orange Purple DarkPurple
555 Blocker Icon 50 1star (trans): 55.000 pts Double Lock  Chocolate  5 meringue  Cake Bomb  Bubblegum 5
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
556 Candy Order Icon 45 1star (trans): 100 pts Red: 1 4 to 5
(Red) Green Blue Orange Purple
557 Blocker Icon 33 1star (trans): 10.000 pts Licorice-swirl  2-Layer Icing 7
Red Yellow Green Blue Orange Purple Cyan
558 Caramel icon 44 1star (trans): 72.000 pts Caramel: 1/72 5 to 6
(Red) Orange Green Blue Purple DarkPurple
559 Chocolate levels 34 1star (trans): 16.000 pts Strawberry Chocolate new 4
Green Blue Orange Purple
560 Blocker Icon 20 1star (trans): 72.000 pts Licorice-swirl  5 meringue  Icing6  Locked Licorice Swirl7-layered Icing8-layered Icing 4
Green Blue Orange Purple


Past versions


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