If your fanon uses coloring candies, you can write about it here. Coloring Candy Blue A Coloring candy is one of the special candies in fanons. Unlike Color Bombs, Coloring Candies have color to them. Thus, they take a color of the candies that were used to make them.

In some fanons, coloring candies only appear on the board at the start. In others, they can by made by the player. A Coloring Candy is normally created when 6 or more candies (including special candies and bottles) of the same color form a straight line of 5 with at least one candy adjacent to the middle (third) candy in the line. When formed, 280 points are given to the player.

When a Coloring Candy is swapped with a regular candy, the Coloring Candy will burst and then spew out its coloring bubbles on all candies (including special candies that match the color of the swiped regular candy. As the result, the affected candies change their color to that of the coloring candy forming various matching combinations.

If the swapped Coloring and regular candies are of the same color, the candies of another dominant color on the board will be affected.​



Coloring Candy Other Candy Effect
Coloring Candy Striped Candy Turns all the candies of either color into striped candies and activates them.
Coloring Candy Wrapped Candy Turns all the candies of either color into wrapped candies and activates them.
Coloring Candy Color Bomb Clears all the candies and blockers from the board.
Coloring Candy Fish Candy Turns all the candies of either color into fish cadies and activates them.
Coloring Candy Coconut Wheel Turns all the candies of the coloring candy's color to coconut whells.
Coloring Candy Coloring Candy Turns all the candies on the board to the same color, causing lots of cascades.


In Trinket9's Candy Crush Saga, coloring candies can be created by matching 7 candies at once in a T shape or making 6 or more candies match in a line[1].


See Special candies (T9CCS)

  1. This is impossible to do by a regular match. However, cascades may match the candies in such a way that there are 6 in a line

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