Chocolate Caves is the sixth episode of LDWUL's Candy Crush Saga and the first episode of Flavourful Favourites. This episode contains levels 51-60. The champion title of this episode is Chocolate King.


Before Episode

Tiffi sees a young boy stuck in the caves because the chocolate is too heavy for him.

After Episode

Tiffi eats the chocolate. The young boy is set free, and he thanks Tiffi for helping him.

New Things

  • Level 51: Chocolates are introduced.
  • Level 55: Sweet Teeth Booster is introduced.


Levels Level Type
51 Jelly
52 Jelly
53 Ingredients
54 Jelly
55 Timed
56 Ingredients
57 Jelly
58 Jelly
59 Moves
60 Jelly

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