Episode 46 - Cheesy Chateau

Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga Episode 46

Cheesy Chateau is the forty sixth episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga and the first episode in the last world.


Before Episode

Tiffi finds the Cheese Princess. The Cheese Princess is stuck on top of a giant cheese. The Cheese Princess saks Tiffi rudely: "Put me down now!". Tiffi will not agree until the Cheese Princess will say "Please".

After Episode

The Cheese Princess still asks rudely. Tiffi says to The Cheese Princess: "Go down by yourself! I'm not your slave!". The Cheese Princess gets angry and then Tiffi leaves the room.

New Things

  • Level 901: Toxic Candy(A lime green candy. If this candy crushed, The background will dim for a 1 move and something will be added to make the level harder like one jelly will be added or an extra ingredient. If you crush 5 of these, You will fail).


Easiest Level: Level 918

Hardest Level: Level 920

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 901 Jelly Medium
Level 902 Candy Order Considerably Hard
Level 903 Ingredients Hard
Level 904 Jelly Considerably Easy
Level 905 Blockers Very Hard
Level 906 Candy Order Hard
Level 907 Reverse Order Very Hard
Level 908 Ingredients Considerably Easy
Level 909 Timed Insanely Hard
Level 910 Jelly Hard
Level 911 Candy Order Medium
Level 912 Jelly Considerably Hard
Level 913 Blockers Hard
Level 914 Ingredients Medium
Level 915 Candy Order Very Hard
Level 916 Reverse Order Hard
Level 917 Jelly Very Hard
Level 918 Timed Easy
Level 919 Ingredients Considerably Hard
Level 920 Blockers Insanely Hard

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