Template:CCFInfoboxCereal Compact is the 21st episode of CCF. This is the third episode of World 4: Savory Site. The champion title for this is Crunchy Guy.


Before episode:

  • Tan the Brown Bear saw the cereals that break down from compacting each other at the giant cereal made of paper. He want to help, but he doesn't know on what to do.

After episode:

  • Tiffi brought sticky gums. Tan tries to stick the cereals by using it. He coats the giant cereal with these gums, and compacting all the cereals sticking on a giant cereal with the help of Tiffi of course.

New Things

Nothing new is introduced


  • Easiest level:
  • Hardest level:

Cereal Compact contains levels 291-305.

There are 2 Moves levels, 6 Jelly levels, 2 Ingredients levels, 4 Candy order levels, and 1 timed level.

Level Type Difficulty
291 Ingredient
292 Moves
293 Jelly
294 Candy Order
295 Jelly
296 Jelly
297 Candy Order
298 Candy Order
299 Ingredient
300 Jelly
301 Candy Order
302 Jelly
303 Timed
304 Moves
305 Jelly

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