Caramel Levels are one of the level types in fanons on this wiki.

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Caramel levels are first seen in level 351, in the 25th episode, Taffy Tropics (CC811), and this episode contains 10 caramel levels! To win a caramel level, the player has to spread caramel everywhere. The caramel must be spread over the entire board. Caramel can be spread by matching candies which are on existing caramel. This is why caramel levels are sometimes very difficult.

When all amount of caramels are spread, Sugar Crush is activated, striped candies are made for every move remaining, giving 3,000 points for each. Then each of them activate themselves.


In CCSS, caramel levels are not seen until level 871. Like the discontinued CC811, the player has to spread caramel everywhere much like jam levels in the real Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Candy Crush Reloaded

Caramel Levels are seen first in level 706, in the 48th episode.

To beat a caramel level, you must let the caramel flow on the entire board, clearing all blockers. The caramel works like the water in Diamond Digger Saga, starting from Caramel Fountains.

When all board tiles have caramel on them, Sugar Crush is activated, wrapped candies are made for every move remaining, giving 3,000 points for each, and then activating themselves.
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  • This level type is usually easy if there are few colours on few blockers, but is a disaster if there are many blockers and 6+ colors.


  • In CC811 and Candy Crush Sugar Saga, this level type works like jam levels in candy crush soda.