Caramel City is the first episode of World One and the episode 1 of Swap Snack Saga.He countains the levels 1-15.There are 8 moves levels and 7 jelly levels.

New Things

  • Moves levels
  • Jelly levels
  • Double Jellies
  • Icing


Easiest level: Level 1

Hardest level: Level 12

Level 1 -> Moves level (Basic tutorial)

Level 2 -> Moves level (Stripped Candy tutorial)

Level 3 -> Moves level (Wrapped Candy tutorial)

Level 4 -> Moves level (Colour Bomb tutorial)

Level 5 -> Moves level (Combos tutorial)

Level 6 -> Jelly level (First Jelly Level)

Level 7 -> Jelly level

Level 8 -> Jelly level (Icing introduced)

Level 9 -> Jelly level

Level 10 -> Jelly level

Level 11 ->Jelly level(Double-layered introduced)

Level 12 ->Jelly level

Level 13 -> Moves level

Level 14 -> Moves level

Level 15 -> Moves level

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