Level Types

Caramel Castle contains Level 41-50. 41,44, and 50 are Jelly. 42 is Ingredient.43 and 45 are moves. The Rest are timed.

Winning Trophy

The winning trophy for Caramel Castle is Caramel King.

New Things

Level 45: Locked Candies

Level Goals

Level 41: Clear the Jelly in 30 moves! (Hard)

Level 42: Drop the Ingredients in 50 moves! (Very Easy)

Level 43: Get 50000 points in 40 moves! (Considerably Easy)

Level 44: Clear the Jelly in 50 moves! (Medium)

Level 45: Get 30000 points in 50 moves! (Considerably Hard)

Level 46: Get 30000 points in 45 seconds! (Medium)*

Level 47: Get 75000 points in 1 minute! (Considerably Easy)

Level 48: Get 50000 points in 1 minute! (Easy)

Level 49: Get 75000 points in 1 minute! (Considerably Hard)

Level 50: Clear the Jelly in 50 moves! (Hard)

Before and After Episode

Before: Caramel spreads in a castle. After: Tiffi sucks the caramel into a vacuum.


  • 46 is the only level in the game that has 45 seconds.

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