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Candy Order Levels are one of level types in Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki.


In CC071, Candy Order levels are very common, and are probably the second most common level type, and usually there are at least 3 in an episode. Toffee Town and Fudge Factory used to be the only ones without any Candy Order levels since they hadn't been introduced yet. Almost all episodes since Chocolate Cliffs have at least one, but Fizzy Forest doesn't. They are introduced much earlier than in the original game, since the first Candy Order level is Level 26, exactly 100 levels earlier.


In CCR, the first candy order level is Level 32, which is much earlier than in the original game. However, unlike the other games, candy order levels can be quite rare, there are only 2-3 candy order levels each, especially 300-400s, there are a very few episodes to have more than 4 candy order levels. There are some episodes not to have any at all like Fairytale Forest, and Caramel Apple Cottage. On the other hands, episode with most candy order levels is Dutchy Dessert and Scrumptious Celebration, with 8. Candy order levels are the third most common level type, with 300 levels currently, making up 20.616% of all levels. On average, episodes have 3.06 candy order levels.

Candy Order levels are considered easier than Jelly levels, but harder than Ingredients levels. However, after episode 40, they are more frequent. And after episode 45, they can be much harder.

However, since world 19, it can be drastically less frequent.


Main article: List of candy order levels.

The first candy order level is Level Order. Initially, candy order levels were incredibly few. As from Caramel Clockmaking, the candy order levels disappeared.

After 16 episodes, reappear in Bubbly Bay and begin to appear in 2 or 3 episodes per world. Since Oblea Oaks, are more frequent, and now there candy order levels in 4 or 5 episodes per world.

New types of orders are entered in Quandong Quadrant (candy bombs, mystery eggs and chameleon candies) and Tiramisu Terrace (licorice swirls and toffee tornadoes). In Hazelnut Hut is added a fourth order. In CCSDM, the types of orders are divided into: regular candies (100 points), special candies (1,000 points), combinations (5,000 points), others candies: mystery eggs and chameleon candies (500 points) and blockers: candy bombs, licorice swirls and toffee tornadoes (licorice swirls and toffee tornadoes: 10,000 points, candy bombs: 500 points).

Soon there will be new orders: lucky candies, jelly fishes, candy frogs, coconut wheels and extra time candies (only in hybrid levels).


In this game, the first candy order level is Level 31. As of the release of Lollipop Lagoon, there are 8 candy order levels (17.78% of levels). These levels are slightly more common than the original, with 4-5 levels per episode.

In this game, orders can be for any candy, special candy, combo, or blocker. Some new orders are added, such as bombs, mystery candies, lucky candies, rainbow candies, UFO's, tornadoes, keys, and (in timed/order mixed levels) +5 candies.


See also: List of Candy Order Levels (C437CCS)

They are one of the more common types in this fanon, seeing an average of three levels per episode, and are introduced earlier than most fanons, with the first level being Level 11. Starting from Level 31, blocker orders are a common part of this type and are sometimes asked for among candy, special candy, and combination orders. They are of average difficulty, with some levels being as easy as most Timed or Moves levels, and some being as hard as Ingredients or Jelly levels.


To win a candy order level, the player must complete all the orders.

Orders can be for regular candies (e.g. 50 yellow candies), special candies (e.g. 10 striped candy), combinations/combos (e.g. 1 color bomb + striped candy combination), or blockers (e.g. 20 licorice swirls). However, fanons might also have their own types of orders.

When all the orders have been fulfilled, a striped candy is made for every move remaining, giving 3,000 points for each. Then each of the striped candies activate themselves.

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