Candy Metropolis
Basic Information
Episode Order 5
Levels 41 - 50
World Candymania
New Things Teleporters
Level Types
Moves 1
Jelly 6
Ingredients 2
Timed 1
Candy Order -
Jelly Order -
Jelly Ingredients -
Unstable Candy -
Timed Moves -
Episode Progression
Previous Candy Factory
Next Chocolate Caves
Candy Metropolis is the fifth episode of LDWUL's Candy Crush Saga and the fifth and final episode of Candymania. This episode contains levels 41-50. The champion title of this episode is Metropolis Businessperson.

Finishing this episode will let you proceed to the next world, Flavourful Favourites.


Before Episode

Tiffi sees an old woman trying to sell chocolates to the public, but no one wants to buy from her.

After Episode

Tiffi helps the old woman by using a loudspeaker to attract people. The old woman gives Tiffi some chocolates.

New Things

  • Level 41: Teleporters are introduced.


Levels Level Type
41 Ingredients
42 Jelly
43 Jelly
44 Jelly
45 Ingredients
46 Moves
47 Jelly
48 Jelly
49 Timed
50 Jelly

Creator's Thoughts

  • I've introduced teleporters earlier than usual because I think that the chocolate theme should be in the next episode, which is Chocolate Caves. Besides, a metropolis sounds more fitting for teleporters to appear.

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