Episode 01 - Candy Home and Candy Town

Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga Episode 1

Candy Home and Candy Ctown are the first two episodes of Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga but both episode are considered as Episode 1.

The champion title of this episode is Candy Explorer.


Candy Home

Before Episode


After Episode

Tiffi decides the leave home and explore the world.

Candy Town

Before Episode

Tiffi arrives to Candy Town and meets Mr. Toffee.

After Episode

Tiffi says to Mr. Toffee that she want to explore the world. Mr. Toffee says that her decision is wrong. Tiffi doesn't care about what Mr. Toffee said and starts to explore the world.

New Things

  • Level 1: Moves Levels.
  • Level 2: Stripped Candies.
  • Level 3: Wrapped Candies.
  • Level 5: Color Bomb.
  • Level 6: Jelly Levels and Jelly.
  • Level 11: Ingredients Levels.
  • Level 13: Color Bomb booster.
  • Level 14: Jelly Fish.
  • Level 15: Lollipop Hammer booster.
  • Level 16: Free Switch booster.
  • Level 17: Double Jelly.
  • Level 18: Timed Levels.
  • Level 19: Coconut Wheel booster.


Easiest Level: Level 1

Hardest Level: Level 17

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 1 Moves Very Easy
Level 2 Moves Very Easy
Level 3 Moves Very Easy
Level 4 Moves Very Easy
Level 5 Moves Very Easy
Level 6 Jelly Very Easy
Level 7 Jelly Very Easy
Level 8 Jelly Very Easy
Level 9 Jelly Very Easy
Level 10 Jelly Very Easy
Level 11 Ingredients Very Easy
Level 12 Ingredients Easy
Level 13 Moves Very Easy
Level 14 Jelly Easy
Level 15 Jelly Easy
Level 16 Ingredients Very Easy
Level 17 Jelly Considerably Easy
Level 18 Timed Very Easy
Level 19 Ingredients Very Easy
Level 20 Jelly Easy

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