Candy Factory
Candy Factory (LDWUL)
Basic Information
Episode Order 4
Levels 31 - 40
World Candymania
New Things Liquorice Swirls
Locked Candies
Striped and Wrapped booster
Level Types
Moves 1
Jelly 6
Ingredients 2
Timed 1
Candy Order -
Jelly Order -
Jelly Ingredients -
Unstable Candy -
Timed Moves -
Episode Progression
Previous Candy City
Next Candy Metropolis
Candy Factory (LDWUL) is the fourth episode of LDWUL's Candy Crush Saga and the fourth episode of Candymania. This episode contains levels 31-40. The champion title of this episode is Factory Supplier.


Before Episode

Tiffi visits a candy factory, but she discovers that the machines in the factory are not working.

After Episode

Tiffi recharges the machine, and gets the machine to create candies for everyone.

New Things

  • Level 31: Liquorice Swirls are introduced.
  • Level 36: Locked Candies are introduced.
  • Level 38: Striped and Wrapped Booster is introduced


Levels Level Type
31 Jelly
32 Jelly
33 Ingredients
34 Jelly
35 Timed
36 Moves
37 Jelly
38 Jelly
39 Ingredients
40 Jelly

Creator's Thoughts

  • I've introduced Liquorice Swirls earlier than usual because it would be more fitting to introduce that first before introducing locked candies.

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