Candy Crush Sugar Saga (CCSS) (C2S2) is a fan made sequel of original Candy Crush Saga.

Note, this fanon will be mostly playable, but the fanon creator decided to introduce few fan made things.

See, to get info about making levels on APK Editor.

Level types

There are 8 level types in this game, which are Moves levels, Jelly levels, Ingredients levels, Time levels, Candy Order levels, Chocolate levels, Mixed levels and Jelly Color levels.

Moves levels (Moves Icon): The first level, the player is given a set number of moves and must meet the minimum score before running out of moves. A majority of later moves levels contain candy bombs, and with moves levels, you must actually reach the end of the level (0 moves left) to pass; if you reach the target score but don't reach the end of the level due to a candy bomb exploding, you will still fail the level.

Jelly levels (Jelly Icon): Introduced at level 5, the player is given a set number of moves to destroy all jelly-filled spaces by making a move with the candy above it.

Ingredient levels (Ingredients Icon): Introduced at level 8: To win an ingredients level, the player must bring all the required ingredients down to the bottom of the board (or anywhere where there is a green arrow).

Timed levels (Timed Icon): Introduced at level 18, the player must reach the 1 star score within a set time limit.

Candy Order levels (Candy Order Icon): Introduced at level 46, the player must collect a specific number of colored candies, special candies, blockers or special candy combinations using a set number of moves.

Chocolate levels (Chocolate levels): Introduced at level 121: The player must break all the chocolate on the board.

Mixed levels (Mixed Level): Introduced at level 316, a mix between two or more level types.

Jelly Color levels (Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha)): Introduced at level 631: To pass this level type, the player must turn all jelly on the board from red to green.

Number of levels by type

(Until the 16th episode).

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon Chocolate levels Mixed Level Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha)
28 76 45 19 50 22 - -


Every level, there is a color coding on the Infobox to tell you the difficulty. The difficulty part at the infobox section also tells you how is difficulty in a scale from 0 to 9. Below is the meaning of the difficulty:

0: None (White): Can be done in one attempt all the time, proven to be impossible to fail without pressing the quit button. The probability of succeeding is guaranteed.

1: Very Easy (Magenta): Can be done in one (most of the time) or rarely two attempts. The probability of succeeding is very high.

2: Easy (Royal Blue): Can be mostly done within three attempts. The probability of succeeding is high.

3: Somewhat Easy (Dark Green): Can be done in about 4-7 attempts. The probability of succeeding is moderate.

4: Medium (Yellow): Can be done within 10 attempts (15 for extreme cases). The probability of succeeding is moderate.

5: Somewhat Hard (Orange): Can be done within 15 attempts (20 for extreme cases). The probability of succeeding is quite low.

6: Hard (Red): Can be done within 20 attempts. (30 for extreme cases) The probability of succeeding is low.

7: Very Hard (Maroon): Can take up to roughly 50 attempts. (75 for extreme cases). The probability of succeeding is very low.

8: Extremely Hard (Black): Can take up to hundreds, or even thousands of attempts for extreme cases. The probability of succeeding is extremely low.

9: Nearly Impossible (Dark Blue): Can take up more than hundreds or even thousands of attempts. The probability of succeeding is extremely low.

D: Impossible (Grey): Can not be done, proven to be unbeaten without any boosters and cheats. The probability of succeeding is none.

R: Variable (Purple): Can be done in range of just one attempt to more than thousands of attempts The probability of succeeding is highly depending on the board layout.


Levels are organised into "Episodes" of 15 levels each, worlds are organized of 5 episodes each.

EC Name Levels New Things Notes
1 Tasty Town 1-15 Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Regular Icing  Marmalade blank
2 Fizzy Factory 16-30 Timed Icon Locked Candies  2-Layer Icing  3-layered meringue
3 Luscious Lake 31-45 Chocolate  Empty slot  5 meringue  Locked chocolate 5DispCCS 40x40
4 Chocolate Canyon 46-60 Candy Order Icon StripedDispCCS 40x40 WrappedDispCCS 40x40
5 Marzipan Meadow 61-75 Licorice-swirl
6 Honey Hills 76-90 Orders for colours that don't spawn
7 Bubblegum Bog 91-105 Candy Bomb Green
8 Salty Shores 106-120 NNI
9 Peppermint Palace 121-135 Chocolate levels
10 Wafer Waves 136-150 Chocolate Fountain
11 Gingerbread Grove 151-165 NNI
12 Popcorn Pyramid 166-180 Bobber
13 Custard Circus 181-195 PinkMystery
14 Caramel Coast 196-210 One-coloured levels
15 Spicy Surprise 211-225 UFO
16 Custard Castle 226-240 NNI
17 Bountiful Barn 241-255 Candy Bomb Green order.
18 Drizzly Drifts 256-270 Chameleon Candies (2)
19 Hazelnut Hut 271-285 NNI
20 Chewy Clouds 286-300 Cake Bomb
21 Jurassic Jungle 301-315 NNI
22 Savory Shrubs 316-330 Mixed Level
23 Minty Monolith 331-345 NNI
24 Peanut Plains 346-360 Toffee-Tornado
25 Icing Islands 361-375 NNI
26 Pastille Pagoda 376-390 NNI
27 Teapot Tower 391-405 PinkFish order.
28 Polka Park 406-420 NNI
29 Syrupy Swamp 421-435 Conveyor (trans)
30 Rainbow Road 436-450 NNI
31 Butterscotch Bakery 451-465 NNI
32 Sugary Stage 466-480 Sugar KeySugar Chest  Two-layered Sugar Chest  Three-layered Sugar Chest  Four-layered Sugar Chest  Five-layered Sugar Chest
33 Cherry Castillo 481-495 NNI
34 Meringue Mount 496-510 NNI
35 Creamy Caves 511-525 Metal Box (Licorice-swirl in Five-layered Sugar Chest)
36 Sprinkle Salon 526-540 NNI
37 Sticky Savanna 541-555 NNI
38 Woozy Wagon 556-570 Frog4
39 Biscuit Beach 571-585 NNI
40 Glazed Gardens 586-600 NNI
41 Wafer Woods 601-615 Extra Move Candy
42 Sparkle Sea 616-630 NNI
43 Taffy Tropics 631-645 Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha)
44 Gummy Grove 646-660 NNI
45 Fizzy Fjord 661-675 NNI
46 Crunchy Cabana 676-690 Popcorn blocker
47 Choco Cabana 691-705 NNI
48 Tasty Tower 706-720 NNI
49 Bubblegum Boneyard 721-735 NNI
50 Marshmallow Mansion 736-750 PurpleIcing First episode with some unplayable levels on phone.
51 Marmalade Mine 751-765 NNI
52 Chewy Citadel 766-780 NNI
53 Eggnog Easter 781-795 NNI
54 Fructose Fjord 796-810 NNI
55 Caramel Cottage 811-825 Bitter Chocolate
56 Colorful Calaboose 826-840 NNI
57 Nougat Noir 841-855 NNI
58 Gummy Glen 856-870 NNI
59 Truffle Tower 871-885 NNI
60 Coco Crossways 886-900 NNI
61 Creamy Coast 901-915 Evil Spawner
62 Playful Park 916-930 NNI
63 Delicious Downtown 931-945 NNI
64 Marshmallow Meadow 946-960 Jelly UFO
65 Cookie Crossroads 961-975 NNI
66 Sour Swamp 976-990 NNI
67 Candied Clouds 991-1005 Mystery UFO
68 Kiwi Keep 1006-1020 NNI
69 Tasty Treasure 1021-1035 NNI
70 Lemonade Lake 1036-1050 NNI
71 Marshmallow Marsh 1051-1065 Piñata
72 Sweet Sorvet 1066-1080 NNI
73 Cloudberry Clearing 1081-1095 NNI
74 Bubblegum Bay 1096-1110 NNI
75 Pearly Palace 1111-1125 Hard Bomb


  • This game share the same characteristics as the original game.
  • This game is mostly made with playable levels in android. Using APK editor to edit levels.
  • This fanon still eventually introduce fan made things. Ex: Chocolate levels, more types of UFO.
  • The episode names of this fanon always share at least one word from the originals. Ex: the 20th episode of CCSS is Chewy Clouds share the name "Clouds" from the 20th episode of original game: Candy Clouds.

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