CCS: TR is a new Candy Crush with lots of new things and Levels. It is in Beta, since the important part isn't finished.

Where to play

  • It will be available on Facebook
    • Also for Ipad.


  • Sour Mansion
  • Gobstopper Fields
  • Whipped Waterfalls
  • Blueberry Seas
  • Rock Candy Cave
  • Gummy Meadow
  • Cookie Treetops 
  • Fruity Gardens
  • Maui Meringue Hill 
  • Espresso Express 
  • Uncharted Land 
  • Misty Sprinkle Lake  
  • Italian Meringue Station 
  • Chocolate Mousse Tundra 
  • Butterscoth Area 
  • Licorice Forest of the Lost 
  • Lemon Chiffon Beach
  • Far Future 
  • Old Candy Town 
  • Old Bubblegum Bridge
  • Old Peppermint Place 
  • Bittersweet Portal 
  • Swizzle Jungle 
  • Waffle Cone Canyon 
  • Luau Island 
  • Pancake Outerspace 
  • Fizzy Pit 
  • Cotton Skies
  • Easter Celebration
  • ???


  • Facebook Version: 150
  • iOS: 130
  • Android: 130

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