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Candy Crush Machar is a mobile and Facebook game.

Level Types

There are 5 types of levels confirmed:*

Moves, Jelly, Ingredients, Time, Order.

Moves- Get a certain amount of points in a certain amount of moves. (Level 1)

Jelly- Clear Jelly in a certain amount of moves! (Level 6)

Ingredients- Drop Ingredients in a certain anount of moves! (Level 10)

Time- Get a certain amount of points in a certain time! (Level 27)

Order- Get things in a certain amount of moves! (Level 90)


Dreamworld Comes out when episode 5 is released.


This game does use tickets. Some ways to buy them:


3 gold bars (You start with 30)

3 Facebook tickets


30 cents (Ten cents per ticket)

Mystery Quest


Game Released: 20/5/14 Included 3 episodes. Extra on Update 1: 1 extra episode at 3:30.

This is Home Page

This is the Home Page for Candy Crush Machar. More will be added soon.


  • More will be confirmed soon.

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