Candy Bomb Green

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Candy Bomb is a blocker in some Candy Crush fanons. They are appeared in original Candy Crush, so properties of them will be varied by different fanons.



  • Candy bombs have certain number counts ranging from one to any numbers. Candy bomb can only be destroyed when the player match it with the same candy color.
  • Unlike original Candy Crush, when bombs reach 0, it will explode, clear all candies on the board and decreasing one layer and give to the player 3,000 points.
  • When candy bombs are inside other blockers (except liquorice locks), they won't count down until they are freed.


  • They work exactly the same as in original game, and they will count down when they're inside blockers.
  • There are 2 other bomb types, Vicious Bomb and Frosting Bomb.



  • In HM Saga (Super, Ball, Trompeta, Clock and their Κορα counterparts), they work like in saga.
  • When it reaches 0, it will explode and cause instant fail
  • If it is in a blocker, it won't lower its move count except for the following blockers
    • For Super:
      • Locks and Caramel (Before the December 16 Update)
      • Bubblegum Tangle
    • For Ball:
      • Locks
      • Silcooooonn Titaniym (Unreleased Blocker)
      • Bubblegum Tangle
    • For Trompeta and Clock
      • No blockers apart from Liquorice



  • The properties is same as in original saga. When you make a move, their number is decreased by 1.
  • When it reaches 0, it will explode the board and you will lose the game.
  • Each bomb is worth 3,000 points for removing.
  • The cake bomb explosions and conveyor shifting always happen before the bomb explodes.
  • If you complete all the goals with the same time the bomb about to explode you will not lose.
  • There is another type of candy bomb, Frosting Bomb.



  • The properties of candy bombs are the same as in Candy Crush Saga.
  • Candy bombs' fuses count down by 1 move each time a match is made, even when inside other blockers.
  • When a candy bomb's fuse reaches 0, the candy bomb explodes, causing the player to fail the level.
  • Each candy bomb removed is worth 3,000 points.
  • If a cake bomb is removed when a candy bomb's fuse reaches 0, the bomb will be removed by the cake bomb's explosion.
  • If a candy bomb reaches 0 in a level with conveyor belts, the conveyor belts will activate, and then the candy bomb will explode, if it still has not been removed.